January 4, 2021 @ 9:00 am – March 28, 2021 @ 10:00 am
Willow Pogue

Are you ready to take your meditation practice to another level?

The key to an evolutionary meditation practice is integration. The foundational concepts of meditation – mindful awareness, presence, ease, and non-attachment – are meant to weave through your entire life, not just confined to your time in focused meditation.

This in-depth course is designed to help you transcend any barriers or limitations in your meditation practice, with a special emphasis on integrating mindfulness into every moment. In this way, your meditation grows out of the pot you have planted it in and becomes a forest that shades and grounds you throughout your life. It’s time to let your meditation grow.

As your mindfulness expands and becomes all-encompassing, your life becomes a meditation. Its reach has no limits – mindfulness will evolve your relationships, your work, your aspirations, your challenges, and your entire life experience. It’s time to evolve.

You will be guided and supported along this evolutionary journey by Willow Pogue, a lifelong meditation teacher, and the comprehensive set of resources she provides. Your experience will include:

– Weekly videos that explain deep concepts in an approachable way and introduce practices that will support their practical integration into your life
– Support for your daily mindfulness practices
– “3 Months to Mindful” Workbook, including weekly exercises and reflection questions
– Access to the group’s online community
– Monthly Support Session with your peers via live video conferencing to share experiences, challenges, questions, and growth
– Monthly Mindfulness Counseling Session with Willow via phone to work with your experiences and integration in a one-on-one setting

This course WILL bring about change in your life – but only to the extent of your own efforts. Meditation is an experiential path. Ultimately it is self-guided. Your teachers and peers can point the way and provide support, but the extent to which you allow transformation to unfold in your life comes down to your own dedication and commitment to the practice. This program is designed to facilitate inner transformation, and your effort is the key component. Please ensure that your inner drive is strong and you are willing (and excited!) to dedicate time for daily meditation practice throughout this course. Your efforts will be rewarded by the changes you notice in your day-to-day experience as your life transforms before your eyes through the practice of mindfulness.

It’s time to take your meditation practice to the next level. It’s time to evolve.

January 4 – March 28, 2020

Solo Enrollment: $333
Bring a friend! Duo Discount: $250 each

Hosted by Willow Pogue of the Mandala Collective