October 18, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Willow Pogue
All of us carry with us the weight of our life’s experiences. Our childhood experiences are particularly potent and can strongly influence the way we move through life. Often we are unaware of the impact our childhood experiences have had on us and how they shape who we are today. Like the roots of a great tree, these experiences are integrated into the foundation of who we are as a person. In order to fully heal, integrate, and allow these experiences to move us forward instead of hold us back, we must get in touch with their origins. To investigate how these experiences have affected us, we first have to realize who we were when these experiences unfolded in the first place. We must introduce ourselves to our inner child.
Somewhere deep within your psyche, an inner child exists. This inner child represents the parts of you that are innocent, curious, and full of wonder. The inner child also carries wounds from different times in your life – when you may not have received the love you needed, when you were subject to a traumatic experience, or when you did not feel supported and free. By getting in touch with our inner child, we can engage with these experiences from the loving and supportive perspective of our adult selves. We can offer our own selves the love, acceptance, and wisdom that we craved as a child. In doing so, we resolve issues from the past and come more fully into our greatest potential as a human being.
Through this course, you will investigate the impactful experiences of your own life, heal childhood trauma, and get in touch with your own sense of playfulness, freedom, and curiosity. In addition to honest conversation, journaling, and reflective exercises, we will utilize the power of holistic modalities to support your healing journey in awakening to your inner child. In this course, we will:
-Honor your childhood experiences and how they have impacted who you are today
-Unleash your inner child’s playfulness, excitement, and sense of wonder
-Look into the belief systems and thought patterns that you were raised with
-Heal your childhood trauma
-Understand which parts of your personality are true to you and which parts have been accumulated through life’s experiences
-Unravel your life story and rewrite your inner narrative
-Engage with holistic healing techniques including meditation, intentional breathwork, music, dance, and movement
We are so excited to share these powerful tools for healing with you. Join us in the journey of a lifetime – the journey of YOUR lifetime – that leads to embracing your whole story and becoming your fullest self.

October 18- November 15, 2020

Live meetings via Zoom: Sundays 4:00pm – 7:00pm CST(October 18, 25. November 1, 8 & 15)

Classes will be recorded and accessible if you are unable to attend a live meeting.
Investment: $150
Hosted by Willow Pogue & Shiva Sundari