January 2, 2022 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Velveteen
115 G St. Salida
Colorado 81201
Willow Pogue
Immerse in the profound practice of meditation with this day-long guided retreat.

The beauty of silence, the true whispers of your soul, the deepest essence of your being ~ can you feel the call?

All of this and so much more awaits you as you step into the profound practice of meditation. This full-day immersion offers you the time & space to deepen your meditation experience, easing into the depth of peace, clarity & stillness.

Deeply rooted in the Vipassana tradition , Willow will gently guide you & offer support as the unspoken wisdom of silence begins to take over. The day is woven together of silent seated meditation, walking meditation in the outdoor courtyard, wholesome eating meditation, a dharma talk, and a mantra kirtan practice that will sweetly guide us out of silence at the end of the day. Your practice is warmly enriched by the supportive energy of the group, and by the nourishing vegetarian meals provided by Bunny & Clyde’s.

Take the time for you. Your body, heart & mind will thank you.



8:00 – Introductions, Intention Setting, Guided Meditation

8:45 – Walking Meditation

9:30 – Seated Meditation

10:15 – Snack & Chai

11:00 – Walking Meditation

11:45 – Dharma Talk

12:30 – Walking Meditation

1:15 – Eating Meditation (Vegetarian lunch provided by Bunny & Clyde’s)

2:00 – Seated Meditation

2:45 – Walking Meditation

3:30 – Sing out of silence – Kirtan with Shiva Sundari

4:00 – Closing

~ Various seating options will be offered. There will be bolsters, cushions, and yoga mats available for sitting on the floor. There will be some chair and couch seating available as well, for those who prefer more support. Please feel free to bring a meditation cushion or bench if you have one.

~ Please inform Willow ahead of time if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

~ Meditation is a powerful practice. To get the most out of this experience, please begin or continue a daily home practice at least a week prior to the Immersion.


Held at The Velveteen (next door to the Mandala Collective studio)

115 G St. Salida, Colorado 81201


About Your Guide ~ Willow Pogue

My heart is steeped in meditation. From the moment I stepped foot into my first silent meditation retreat at 20 years old, I knew there was a resonance there that I couldn’t turn away from. What I felt was the arrival and total acceptance of my full self, exactly as I am. No striving. No seeking. No need for improvement. For the first time ever on the road of personal development, I stopped “doing” and started “being”. I let go of the busy mind ceaselessly working to solve all the problems in my life, and dropped into the present moment.

While modern neuroscience unwraps the practice of meditation – revealing its powerful healing capabilities through altered brainwave frequencies, cardiac coherence, autonomic stability, and stress reduction – meditation has always held another dimension of potentiality for me. This is, in fact, the real reason this practice has been handed down by wise ones for centuries. Meditation draws you into deep receptivity, into connection with the unknowable, into the very source of understanding, love & insight. Meditation does more than calm the nervous system – it unwinds the very nature of reality. It reveals to you who & what you really are. It connects you to the pulse of infinite potential that exists as the core of your being, manifesting now as life unfolds in front of your very eyes.

Of the many methods of healing & self-realization that I’ve been blessed to engage with and study, the simple practice of silent meditation transcends them all. I invite you to discover this for yourself.