January 1, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 9:30 am
Willow Pogue
New Vision: A Meditative Path into 2020 @ Online

The divine order of the universe can feel a little overwhelming when you’re watching the world you knew crumbling around you. But somewhere deep within, there is a part of you that is intertwined with the creative force of the universe itself. This part of you, which is interconnected and in touch with all that is, recognizes the beauty and perfection of it all. The challenge (and opportunity) that we are presented with is to be graceful, adaptable, and understanding in even the most challenging of times.

2020 has been a wild ride for most of us. The world as we knew it has been transformed forever. For some, this is a jarring and alarming realization. For those of us who are in touch with that deep wisdom within, however, we recognize the opportunities that are being presented. We know that the old patterns must fall away in order to create space for a new paradigm. Instead of looking back and holding tightly to what once was, we look forward and create with intention. That is what this meditation series is dedicated to.

Throughout this series of daily meditations, spanning from the Winter Solstice to New Years Day, we will tap into our inner creative vision for the new year and integrate all the experiences that have been offered to us in 2020. We will bring a sense of peace, closure, and understanding to the chaotic energy of the past year, taking all that we can from it and choosing to move forward in a different direction. We will attune ourselves to the energy of the divine as it unfurls in our inner and outer worlds. We will bring clarity to our intentions and inspiration to our visions. By focusing our energies daily throughout this precious window of time, enhanced by astrological alignment and social support, we set ourselves on the path of positivity for 2021.

A daily meditation will be live-streamed by Willow every morning at 8am MST (9am CST) from Dec 21 – Jan 1. This meditation series is available to everyone, offered for free in order to support the upliftment and empowerment of the collective energy that we all are a part of.

Let’s return to that part of ourselves deep within that is grounded in harmony and creation. Let’s welcome 2021 with love.