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How many of us find ourselves looking for that next thing, in hopes that it will bring some pleasure or fulfillment? In truth, all of us are familiar with this type of endless seeking. What if I told you that long desired “thing” isn’t a thing at all, but is something waiting to be uncovered within yourself? Your truth, your innate inner wisdom and power, the perfect you, all of it can be found no further than the beautiful person beheld in your reflection. The great Shaivite teacher Yogaswami once said: “The only book you need, is the book of the Self.” So, what does that mean? What you truly seek isn’t something that can just be given to you or purchased; it is a process of revelation, a journey of both inward and outward manifestation.

For many of us, it is difficult to undertake a long-term goal without adequate support. As seen in virtually any story that speaks of a great adventure, the Hero is always accompanied by their trusted companions. Why is this? It isn’t because the Hero is lacking, it is because we each possess our own unique gifts, to present as offerings for the betterment of our collective journey. We support one another in the realization of our goals, and this is what the Mandala Collective is all about. We are a community of seekers sharing our gifts for the benefit and empowerment of all. In many spiritual traditions the power of association or the fellowship of seekers is believed to be a potent force in aiding one to realize the truth of Self or that of the Divine that is held within and without. The Mandala Collective seeks to offer various means to aid our community in their collective and personal growth, healing & upliftment – through Bodywork, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Ceremony, Music & Dance, Satsang & loving Sanga, workshops, retreats, and so much more!

Join us in the movement to create a healthier and happier world. Don’t wait any longer! Absolute bliss, unconditional love, healing from all our past and limitless abundance are available to us right here and now. Together let’s begin the process of manifestation! We look forward to sharing in this journey with you.

Om Shanti Shalom Salaam Amen

May there be peace peace peace, so it shall be!

With love,

The Mandala Collective Family

Nothing from July 12, 2024 to July 19, 2024.

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