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Mary Jane Schmudlach

Mary Jane Schmudlach

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Holistic Transformation Coach,  Reiki Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher

Mary Jane is a vibrant, earth loving individual who is committed to her personal healing journey and authentically sharing it forward to inspire others. Her energetic, playful spirit is rooted and interwoven in the teachings of every class and individual session.

In her early 20’s she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that redirected her life to a path of lifestyle transformation and healing. After unplugging from the matrix and spending 6 years immersed in intuitive self-practice, internal discovery and personal embodiment, she tapped deeper into holistic health, exploring multiple modalities and connecting deeply with Kundalini Yoga, Reiki & using food as medicine. Mary Jane is gifted with her ability to follow her intuition and surrender to the flow of the universe. Her goal is to help as many conscious individuals as she can to connect with their inner teacher, exploring the process and practice of manifesting the unique gifts they are meant to bring into the world.



Kundalini Yoga uses breath and movement as mechanisms to aid in removing blockages and transform negative habits into energetic gifts that will connect one to their absolute truth.  Practicing will help one learn how to use the energy already present within to live the life desired, open their heart to love, clear mental fogginess, release self-doubt & strengthen will power. 

Mary Jane started practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2016 when her Ayervedic Doctors, Madison Madden & Victor Brei “prescribed” her a 40 day kriya to strengthen her navel point & digestive fire. This activated her spiritual awakening, opening the door to seek truth & connect with her Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Liya Garber, founder & creator of Aura Kundalini Yoga & the Aura Teacher Training Academy where she completed her 220hr certification in 2022 & now teaches multiple times a week for Liya’s Global Aura Kundalini Yoga Community. Mary Jane also completed her 200hr Hatha Yoga Certification in 2022 with Yoga Renew & offers weekly classes.

Holistic Transformation Coach

The body is a beautiful masterpiece. Mary Jane believes that what we put into our bodies, directly determines and impacts our quality of life. She is on a mission to help people eat cleaner and greener by moving away from foods that are potentially harmful to health and investing into living life at the next level. 

Mary Jane works with individuals who are looking for more energy, toned muscles, better sleep, nourishment and recovery, weight loss, or a simple way to add nutrients to optimize health & vitality.  She works with a team of Regenerative Detoxification Specialists & Medical Medium information to create a highly accessible & customizable food-based protocol that works by saturating the body with high levels of bioavailable nutrients, while stopping the input of new toxins and removing those that have accumulated over time. With this we can start to return to our natural self-healing state of homeostasis where profound transformation happens on every level. 

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Reiki Practitioner / Energy Movement 

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. A continuous supply of energy is necessary for life. When there are disturbances in the natural flow of energy, there is a greater likelihood for health complications or blockages. These energetic blockages and buildups can create disturbances, tumors, pain or inflammation in the physical body. Opening and releasing energetic channels promotes healing and allows the body to regenerate healthy cells. In 2021 Mary Jane began studying Reiki & Energy Healing with Willow Pogue at Twin Moon Reiki


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