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Meditation is the practice of self-observation which leads to ultimate freedom.

Practiced in various spiritual traditions across the globe and throughout time, meditation is a powerfully profound yet joyfully simple practice that has stood the test of time. And for good reason! The benefits are both immediate and long-lasting. Meditation supports stress reduction, mindfulness, adaptability, compassion, contentment, and gratitude. Scientific studies have show that it has the power to change even the physiology of the brain in just a few weeks. With regular practice, a practitioner begins to gain awareness of the mental tendencies they have built up, which skew the way they see themself and the world around them. Using meditation as a tool, they can shape these mental tendencies into more wholesome, loving, and peaceful patterns. In this way, meditation leads to a mastery of the mind and a transformation of consciousness.

There are many different methods of meditation, and each person resonates with a different approach. It will be beneficial for you to try out different types of practice with an open mind, exploring the response each type inspires within you. Some people prefer to be guided in practice, others prefer pure silence. Some experience more benefits from focusing their mind in a meditative way, others prefer to let their awareness drift into other realms. Your journey into meditation is your own, and it will look unlike anyone else’s. However you enter into meditation, there are bountiful benefits awaiting you. Enjoy the journey within!

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